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If your dog (or cat) isn't eating liver - they're missing out. Not only do animals LOVE to eat liver, it's also a true superfood. Liver is a great source of protein and lower in fat than muscle meat. It also contains so many nutrients that people refer to it as "natures multi-vitamin". Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Folic Acid are just a few of the nutrients contained in liver.


Liver vs Muscle Meat:


Comparing 100g of ground beef liver with 100g of lean ground beef it's clear to see why liver is a great choice for a dog, or cat treat:


- 1/3 the amount of total fat           

- 1200 times more vitamin A

- 16 times more vitamin D               

- 23 times more calcium

- 100 times more copper                  

- 6 times more iron

- 260 times more magnesium        

- 1300 times more manganese

- 2 times as much niacin                       

- 20 times more zinc


Liver is also very safe for your dog, or cat. People sometimes believe liver is full of toxins, as its function is to filter out toxins. However, it doesn't store them. In fact, muscle meat typically contains more toxins then liver.


Each of our bags contain 100% beef liver - all sourced from only Nova Scotia farms. We cut the liver into big cubes and freeze it. We then freeze dry it in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality.


Freeze drying preserves 98% of the nutritional content and retains all of the flavour, so you can be assured your dog, or cat gets a healthy, flavourful treat that they deserve. A perfect option for pets with allergies, or for the pet owner who simply wants to know what their dog, or cat is ingesting.


Tip: Any liver dust that is leftover in the bag can be used as a topper for your pets meal. Chunks can also easily be crushed into a powder and used as a special meal topper.


Size: 100g


Beef Liver

  • Treats can easily be broken into smaller pieces to give your dog. Always supervise your dog when feeding..

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