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We've taken our freeze-dried beef liver and encrusted it in our freeze-dried cheddar cheese to create an irresistable treat option for your pet!


Our freeze drying process allows us to create treats with unrivaled flavour, appearance AND nutrition. Beef liver is often referred to as "natures multi-vitamin", as it is absolutely loaded with nutrients. It also has a taste that pets go wild for! But why stop there? We've taken our cheddar cheese trainers - another flavour that dog go crazy for - crushed it, and than encrusted the beef liver in it. If you want an extremely high value treat - you want Beef Liver + Cheese!


Our Beef Liver + Cheese treats are our first offering in our new "Plus1" treat line. This is a lineup of 2 ingredient treats - taking our freeze-dried single ingredient treats and adding another complimentary ingredient.


Freeze drying preserves 97% of the nutritional content and retains all of the flavour, so you can be assured your dog, or cat gets a healthy, flavourful treat that they deserve. A great option for pets with allergies, or for the pet owner who simply wants to know what their dog, or cat is ingesting.


Size: 70g

Plus 1 - Beef Liver + Cheese

  • Always supervise your dog when feeding..

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