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Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of dietary fibre, low in fat and rich in vitamins A, B6, C, calcium, potassium and iron. An excellent treat for your pup.


Our 100% sweet potato treats are sourced from sweet potatos grown on Nova Scotia farms. We cut them, then freeze dry them in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality.


Freeze drying  preserves 98% of the nutritional content and retains all of the flavour, so you can be assured your dog gets a healthy, flavourful treat that they deserve. A perfect option for dogs with allergies, or for any pet owner who wants to know what their dog is consuming.


Warning - Dogs fed our sweet potato treats seem to develop an insatiable appetite for fries. Be careful with open Mcdonalds, or other fries, as they will disappear.


Size: 50g

Sweet Potato Fries

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Treats can easily be broken into smaller pieces to give your dog. Always supervise your dog when feeding.

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